Why first job is important and how to pick the right one

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So, what should we look for?

One might say I want to work where I will have the best earnings. Isn’t that the point of work after all? Well, in your situation it still isn’t. You are a beginner and what you need is to gain skills and experience. Once you do that, many doors will be open to you.

  1. Experience

How can we determine does company satisfies all our needs?

It is difficult to determine with absolute certainty. Most companies advertise themself as the best possible place to work, with great office space, tennis tables, fruits and challenging projects. But usually, everything isn’t so good behind the scene. The best way to check if the company is good and suits your needs is to ask someone you know who is working or has worked at that company. The opinion of the local community is also usually accurate.

What if we fail?

Even if we investigate everything stated and get good recommendations for a company, there is still a chance that it isn’t for you. Something just doesn’t fit. A couple of interviews isn’t enough to know someone, so in the first few months of your job, you will finally see if the company is everything you thought. If it isn’t, that isn’t the end of the world. Find out what you don’t like and what you want from the next company then continue the search for your next first right job.

Final words

As you can see, it isn’t the money that should be pursued on the first job. It is the opportunity to learn and grow. To learn how things are done correctly and grow as a person, in a healthy environment. To take a leap towards independent software engineering.



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Amel Halilovic

Amel Halilovic

Senior Software Engineer and Writing Enthusiast.