How to write clean React code: 13 tips for better readability and maintainability

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Clean code

  • giving variables and functions meaningful names
  • making functions do one thing — one that is in its name
  • creating functions that have max 3 parameters (less is even better)
  • avoiding complex nested if statements
  • not adding unnecessary context

Avoid duplications


Organizing imports

  • 3rd party libraries (React, lodash, etc) imports
  • company libraries imports (if there are any)
  • locale imports
Before grouping and sorting imports
After grouping and sorting props

Sorted variables, props, state

Before grouping and sorting props
After grouping and sorting props

Directly updating props or state

Functions defined before use

Arrow functions

Standard function
Arrow function

Small and reusable components

Functional vs Class components

Class-based component
Functional component



Code refactor




Senior Software Engineer and Writing Enthusiast.

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Amel Halilovic

Amel Halilovic

Senior Software Engineer and Writing Enthusiast.

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