It is needless to say that React is one of the most popular UI libraries on the market, several years in a row. Its adoption and usage grow from year to year, which is also followed by great number of job opportunities.

It owes its popularity in part to its simple architecture, based on a lot of native JavaScript features. If you are new to frontend development or switching from some other frontend tool, here are some things that you should be familiar with in order to understand and learn React faster than usual.

Note: A list of the additional…

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Tech business is blooming! Companies from all around the world are recruiting IT professionals, offering them great perks to come work for them. They can work from any place they want, in the office or from the beach somewhere in Thailand. It’s a long way to go, and it starts with a good first job.

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I took my first job when I was on the second year of Master's studies. I was supposed to work on mobile applications, but it turned out it was an all-around position. I was working on databases, desktop and web applications…

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One great thing that React gives us is almost full freedom on how we will organize and write our code. This is one of the top reasons why React is so popular after all. Unfortunately, sometimes that can be a bad thing. Why? Due to this freedom of choice we have, there are many different code styles, which can make it harder to understand and maintain codebase, especially when it comes to a larger number of developers or teams. Not to mention that some of them use React features in the wrong way.

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Usually when developing new web application, we don’t pay much attention to application’s loading speed. It loads quickly in the beginning, but as we add new features and complex logic, it takes more and more time to load our page. Once we hit a dead end, clients and project manager start complaining and they ask us to do something about it urgently. Having a page that loads slowly has great effect on business, many researches showed. It affects user experience, position in search engines and ultimately lower conversion rates.

I worked on this problem many times and I see others…

For almost a decade now, JavaScript is spoken of as one of the most demanded programming languages on the market. That is mostly because of its wide and growing range of usability and possibilities for developers who embrace its dynamic nature and learn it.


For the first few years after the creation of the web (1990s), websites were purely static. There was no option for any dynamic content after the page loaded. However, in the then growing web scene, there was a great need to remove that restriction. Shortly afterwards, Brendan Eich and his team of engineers from Netscape created…

Congratulations! You’ve made it! You graduated, completed IT Bootcamp, or just switched to another job. A lot of people talk about it, how software engineers and IT techs have big salaries, good life, they travel, so you are hoping to have all that, too. Well, that’s not the whole truth. Not many software engineers make it to be successful in their job and not many of them work in great IT companies. Although, there are some things you can do to increase your chances. Bellow is the list of things that I found very helpful in my career and which…

Amel Halilovic

Frontend Software Engineer @ Infobip

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